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Q2| 2022

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Before cheering the DC Circuit's dismissal of the American Chemistry Council's PFAS lawsuit, let's recognize its effect on all NGOs

USA - January 30 2023 Three Judges of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals have dismissed the American Chemistry Council's complaint challenging EPA's interim health advisory…

This NIMBY lawsuit is doomed but that doesn't mean that it won't cause considerable harm before it dies.

USA - January 25 2023 Yesterday the Nantucket Residents Against Turbines were in Federal Court arguing the merits of their last ditch effort to stop the Vineyard Wind…

This is no way to run a railroad or make environmental law. EPA's most recent definition of Waters of the United States heads to court.

USA - January 23 2023 Everyone expected that EPA's eighth attempt to define the reach of the Federal Clean Water Act would end up in court. I have to admit that I was a bit…

This Federal Court reminds us that most of the Executive Branch's environmental protection authority comes from Congress

USA - January 18 2023 Inside EPA is reporting this morning that a three judge panel of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has joined the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in…

Backwards, forwards, square, and round. The battle over the reach of the Federal Clean Water Act continues.

USA - January 12 2023 Backwards, forwards, square and round. So goes a lyric by the late great Jeff Beck who died this week. Mr. Beck wasn't writing about the decades long…