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Bankruptcy Court Finds Cannabis Employee Not Entitled to Chapter 13 Protection

USA - February 3 2023 A bankruptcy court’s recent denial of a debtor’s petition for bankruptcy relief on narrow grounds casts a long shadow on the viability of bankruptcy…

Kathryn Droumbakis

CMS Proposed Rule for Refunding Overpayments Would Align With False Claims Act “Knowledge” Standard

USA - January 17 2023 The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed a rule late last year to harmonize the standard it would apply for providers to identify…

Laurence J. Freedman

Serial Relator Brings Multiple Lawsuits Alleging False Claims Act Violations Premised on Paycheck Protection Program Fraud

USA - November 2 2022 A district court in the Southern District of New York recently unsealed a qui tam case brought by relator GNGH2, Inc., a for-profit company, against…

Laurence J. Freedman

California Attorney General Probes Bias in Health Care Algorithms

USA - September 12 2022 A spurt of letters from California Attorney General Rob Bonta to leaders of hospitals and other health care facilities sent on August 31, 2022…

Lara D. Compton

Two Recent False Claims Act Settlements Highlight the Benefits of Self-Disclosure, Remediation, and Cooperation

USA - July 19 2022 Disclosing known or suspected fraud to regulators can have its benefits. As reported in a previous post, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued policy…

Karen S. Lovitch, Lauren Moldawer