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ALERT: New COVID-19 Vaccine Paid Leave for New York Employees

USA - March 16 2021 As we enter the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York employers must now grapple with another new paid leave requirement from New York State…

Corbin Carter

New York State Adopts COVID-19 Testing Carve-Out Allowing Travelers to Sidestep the State’s Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine

USA - November 6 2020 Governor Cuomo has announced new guidelines allowing travelers to New York to sidestep the State’s mandatory 14-day quarantine period by obtaining a…

Corbin Carter

New York State Addresses Paid Sick Leave Requirements in New Guidance

USA - October 23 2020 This week, New York State issued guidance and an FAQ document regarding the State’s new paid sick leave law (“NYPSL”). As a reminder, New York State…

Michael S. Arnold, Corbin Carter

Navigating Politics in the Workplace During the Election Season

USA - October 8 2020 With the presidential election less than a month away, it is more important than ever that employers proactively manage their work environment to…

Michael S. Arnold, Gauri P. Punjabi

Part Six of the COVID-19 Roadmap Series: Reporting to Work

USA - May 7 2020 As we continue to plan and prepare for the reopening of businesses, Part Six of our Roadmap series examines the when, what, where, and how of…

Andrew J. Bernstein