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Issuers Face Changing Litigation Landscape, Challenges Due to Supreme Court Ruling

USA - March 22 2018 In a boon for public company shareholder plaintiffs this week, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld state courts’ concurrent jurisdiction over securities…

John F. Sylvia

“The cold never bothered me anyway!” SEC again uses its power to freeze an alleged EB-5 scam

USA - October 11 2017 Like Elsa, the Princess in Disney’s classic Frozen, once again the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has utilized its power to freeze. In this…

Douglas Hauer

Securities law risk mitigation in EB-5 offerings

USA - December 1 2015 EB-5 regional centers and issuers take heed. The Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") is pursuing litigation against parties in several EB-5…

Francis J. Earley, Douglas Hauer

Borrowers in EB-5 deals not insulated from securities litigation by the SEC

USA - December 1 2015 While issuers and regional centers are the focus of EB-5 litigation right now and into the foreseeable future, if you are taking direct proceeds as a…

Francis J. Earley, Douglas Hauer

Limiting securities litigation risks in EB-5 offerings: what regional centers and issuers need to know

USA - November 29 2015 The flurry of federal suits filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the past few months against several companies and…

Francis J. Earley, Douglas Hauer