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TCPA Turnstile: TCPA cases in a post-Facebook world (TCPA Case Update Vol. 15)

USA - July 27 2021 The first half of 2021 saw one of the most significant TCPA rulings in many years as Facebook v. Duguid, 141 S. Ct. 1163 (2021), appeared to settle…

Bryan K. Clark, Erica Schuman

TCPA Turnstile: New Year, Same TCPA - For Now (TCPA Case Update Vol. 14)

USA - January 28 2021 One of the few things that hasn’t changed significantly since our last TCPA update is, well, the TCPA. We have a new year, a new President and…

Bryan K. Clark

TCPA Turnstile: No summer vacation for the TCPA defense bar (TCPA Case Update Vol. 13)

USA - September 28 2020 Many had hoped that the summer of 2020 might bring the end of the TCPA as we know it, by way of the Supreme Court’s decision in Barr v. American…

Bryan K. Clark

TCPA Turnstile: As we wait for a ruling in Barr, new case law abounds (TCPA Case Update Vol. 12)

USA - May 21 2020 Undoubtedly, the biggest TCPA development in the last month was the recent Supreme Court oral argument in Barr v. American Association of Political…

Bryan K. Clark

Zooming into New Privacy Issues

USA - April 28 2020 “Should we do a Zoom?” It has taken little more than a month for the Zoom video conference platform to take its place among the likes of Google…

James M. Kane