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Brazil Updates: Biden and Lula Advance Environmental and Climate Agendas, Brazil Makes Progress on Other Chemical Regulatory Initiatives

Brazil - March 7 2023 The Brazilian government continues to fulfill its early commitment to combat the climate crisis, end deforestation, promote sustainable development…

Russell N. Fraker, Madeleine Boyer Kadas, Miriam Mazza

CalRecycle’s Recycling Revamp

USA - February 21 2023 The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) published proposed regulations to amend the Recycling and Disposal…

Deepti B. Gage, Elizabeth A. Glusman, Kirstin K. Gruver, Sarah Munger, Allyn L. Stern, Nicole Waxman

Brazil Continues to Implement Social, Environmental, and Climate Change Regulatory Reforms

Brazil - January 20 2023 In line with our November 2022 news alert, Brazil’s new administration has had a very busy January pursuing its social, environmental, and climate…

Russell N. Fraker, Madeleine Boyer Kadas, Miriam Mazza

Environmental Developments to Watch in California in 2023

USA - January 12 2023 California is an epicenter of environmental policymaking and often a harbinger of laws and regulations adopted throughout the country, and there's no…

Jeff D. Clare, Nessa Horewitch Coppinger, Jacob P. Duginski, Daniel A. Eisenberg, Elizabeth A. Glusman, Claire S. McLeod, Kaitlyn D. Shannon, Susan E. Smith, Gary J. Smith

EPA Proposes “Technology Transition” Rule under the AIM Act to Further Restrict Use of HFCs

USA - December 20 2022 On December 15, 2022, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a proposed rule restricting the use of certain hydrofluorocarbons…

Astrika Adams, Jackson Garrity, Allyn L. Stern, Nicole Waxman