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Sub-Decrees No. 286, 287 and 288 on Cambodian nationality

Cambodia - October 18 2013 Cambodia has seen an increased interest in its laws on nationality, both from the standpoint of immigration as well as in relation to property…

Heng Chhay, Desmond Wee

Sub-Decree No. 476 on Financial Trusts

Cambodia - October 18 2013 Sub-Decree No. 476, issued by the Royal Government of Cambodia ("RGC"), sets out rules and procedures to establish, register, and manage financial…

Heng Chhay, Desmond Wee

Sub-Decree No. 289 on private security management

Cambodia - October 18 2013 The Royal Government of Cambodia has issued Sub-Decree No. 289, which sets out rules and regulations for the setting up of private security companies…

Heng Chhay, Desmond Wee

Cambodia strengthens its banking and financial legal framework

Cambodia - July 29 2013 Cambodia's banking supervisory authority, the National Bank of Cambodia ("NBC"), has progressively been developing banking and financial laws and…

Heng Chhay, Desmond Wee