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Affidavits of Witnesses and Experts in Indonesian Arbitration Practice

Indonesia - June 15 2021 Looking at the current trend in Indonesian arbitration practice, it is now more common for arbitrators to request the submission of affidavits of…

Regional Round - Up 2020: Indonesia

Asia-Pacific, Indonesia - January 25 2021 The first half of 2020 saw unprecedented impact to countries around the world, including Indonesia, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Various measures…

Bono Daru Adji, Ibrahim Assegaf, Ahmad Fikri Assegaf, Eko Ahmad Ismail Basyuni, Chandra M. Hamzah, Yogi Sudrajat Marsono, Ahmad Maulana, Wibowo Mukti, HMBC Rikrik Rizkiyana, Putu Suryastuti

Recognition and Support for Arbitration under Indonesian Law

Indonesia - August 29 2020 Alternative dispute resolution (“ADR“) has been long recognised and practiced in Indonesia. The promulgation of the Indonesian…

COVID-19 and Remote Arbitration: How are Major Arbitral Institutes Adapting to the New Normal?

China, Indonesia, Singapore - August 29 2020 As the famous maxim goes, justice delayed is justice denied. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, twelve arbitral institutions came together on…

Heng Chhay, Lester Chua, Logan Leung, Teoh Sui Lin, Jess Raymund M. Lopez, Kelvin Poon, Avinash Vinayak Pradhan, Suntisouk Vandala, Yu Zheng

Liability for domestic carriage of passengers in Indonesia

Indonesia - December 3 2019 A brief Q&A covering air carriers' liability for passenger injury and death during domestic carriage in Indonesia.