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Caveat lender: lenders need to review procedures and form payoff statement to ensure compliance with payoff statement requirements

USA - September 18 2014 In December 2013, Wisconsin enacted a statute modeled on the Uniform Residential Mortgage Satisfaction Act. The Wisconsin version, however, applies…

John M. Murphy, Joseph D. Shumow

Keep your black pens handy and other helpful suggestions for avoiding unnecessary headaches in recording a mortgage or other loan document in Wisconsin

USA - August 15 2014 Like many other states, Wisconsin has a variety of particular recording requirements that must be satisfied in order to record a mortgage or other…

John M. Murphy, Joseph D. Shumow

Recent Wisconsin Court of Appeals decision expands the availability of super-priority status for mortgage liens created by mortgage bankers

USA - April 10 2014 In a recent e-Alert, the Reinhart Real Estate Opinion Team described recent court decisions clarifying the super-priority lien status granted to…

John M. Murphy, Joseph D. Shumow

When lenders initiate foreclosure of abandoned properties in Wisconsin, they need to promptly sell the abandoned property

USA - February 5 2014 After a recent decision by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, Wisconsin's lending community should think twice before initiating a foreclosure action on…

John M. Murphy, Joseph D. Shumow

Wisconsin financing statements : updated forms required

USA - August 26 2013 As we noted in one of our May 2013 publications, A Wisconsin Mortgage May Serve as a Fixture Filing Financing Statement, we regularly opine on the…

John M. Murphy