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Italy: Anti-counterfeiting

Italy - May 3 2017 These days counterfeiting affects not just luxury goods but all consumer products (clothing, toys, pharmaceutical goods, foodstuffs). Measuring the…

Italy: Anti-counterfeiting raid nets organised criminals

European Union, Italy - January 1 2017 Counterfeiting is nota new phenomenon - there is evidence that products have been fraudulently imitated since Roman times. However, these days this…

Alberto Pelosi

Trademarks, Designs and Models

Italy - October 7 2016 Misleading advertising influences and affects all competitive markets, as consumers who are deceived by untrue statements may pass up the competing…

Lucchini Marco

Welcome (EUTM), Goodbye (CTM)

European Union - July 27 2016 How the new EUTM regulation makes our life simpler for some aspects and much more complex for others...

Pharmaceutical trademarks

Italy - August 23 2011 With new opposition proceedings finally in force in Italy, it is expected that the Italian Patent and Trademark Office will also finalise its practice with regard to pharmaceutical trademarks.