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Access to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for international companies

Germany - November 17 2017 The Frankfurt Stock Exchange ("FSE") is one of the world’s leading international stock exchanges by revenue, profitability and market capita…

Dr. Christoph Schmitt, Dr Dirk Tuttlies, Dr. Jenna Wang-Metzner

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and OOO WILO RUS discuss localisation of production in Russia and the terms and conditions for conclud-ing the special investment contract

Russia - May 16 2017 As part of the special investment contract to be concluded by OOO WILO RUS, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the…

Bilgeis Mamedova

Актуальные изменения в трудовом праве

Russia - July 28 2016 Недавно были опубликованы важные изменения законодательства в сфере трудовых отношений и разрешения трудовых споров (Федеральный закон № 272-ФЗ от 3…

Andrey Slepov

Current amendments to labour law

Russia - July 28 2016 Important changes were recently published in the field of labour relations and the resolution of labour disputes (Federal Law No. 272-FZ dated 3 July…

Andrey Slepov

Aktuelle Änderungen im Arbeitsrecht

Russia - July 28 2016 Krzlich wurden wichtige nderungen im Recht der Arbeitsverhltnisse und zur Beilegung von Arbeitsstreitigkeiten verffentlicht (Fderales Gesetz Nr…

Andrey Slepov