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新《金融租赁公司管理办法》- 金融租赁行业发展新机遇

China - June 6 2014 2014年3月13日,中国银监会发布新修订的《金融租赁公司管理办法》(银监会令2014年第3号)(以下简称《办法》)。修订后的《办法》立足当前我国金融租赁行业改革发展的需要,放宽准入门槛,有利于引导各类资本进入金融租赁行业,打破银行对金融租赁的垄断特权。此外,《办法》扩大了金融租赁公司的业务范围,也同时强化了股东风险责任意识。《办法》修改的主要亮点如下:…

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More open market and new investment opportunites – Shanghai Free-Trade Pilot Zone

China - October 23 2013 On 22 August, 2013, the China's State Council has formally approved the establishment of the Shanghai Free-Trade Pilot Zone (FTZ). The FTZ was…

New Administrative Measures of the Financial Leasing Companies – new opportunities for the development of financial lease industry

China - March 31 2014 On 13 March 2014, China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) promulgated the newly revised Administrative Measures of the Financial Leasing Companies…

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