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The importance of IP due diligence

Global - June 3 2020 In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, industry consolidation has reached an all time high as a result of intensifying competition from…

Prue Cowin

Inventorship - a muddy concept at best

Australia - January 16 2017 Inventorship has been described as “one of muddiest concepts in the muddy metaphysics of the patent law”. Mueller Brass Co. v. Reading Industries, Inc…

Prue Cowin

Extension of term on 'Swiss-style' pharmaceutical claims

Australia - September 12 2016 In August 2015, we reported on a decision of the Australian Patent Office dealing with three applications by Abbvie Biotechnology for extensions of…

Prue Cowin

Expect the unexpected | Patenting antibodies in Asia

China, Japan, South Korea - September 6 2016 Monoclonal antibodies are important human therapeutic agents and represent some of the largest selling drugs in the world. Patents relating to…

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Pharmaceutical extensions of term still not available for patents to methods of treatment

Australia - August 6 2015 A very recent decision of the Australian Patent Office has upheld the current application of the law in relation to extensions of term in Australia…

Prue Cowin