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The benefits of Delaware

USA - December 20 2011 Many companies include a provision in their employment agreements specifying that any dispute arising out of the agreement, including disputes regarding the enforcement of restrictive covenants, will be litigated exclusively in Delaware courts.

Joseph C. Schoell

Merger paying common shareholders $0 found to be entirely fair

USA - October 10 2013 On August 16, 2013, the Delaware Court of Chancery issued a post-trial opinion holding that the directors of Trados Inc. did not breach their…

Exclusive forum bylaws upheld by Delaware Court

USA - July 8 2013 Chancellor Leo E. Strine Jr., on June 25, 2013, rejected statutory and contractual challenges to exclusive forum bylaws adopted unilaterally by the…

Delaware Authorizes Remote Stockholder Meetings in Response to COVID-19

USA - April 7 2020 Responding to the needs of publicly traded corporations navigating the COVID-19 epidemic, Delaware Gov. John C. Carney issued a modified State of…

Donald W. Van Buren, Jr, Michael J. Maimone, Joseph C. Schoell

Forum Selection Clause Not Enforced and Parties May Seek Relief in Alternate Forums Due to COVID-19

USA - April 6 2020 The Delaware Court of Chancery recently ruled that it could adjudicate claims subject to a New York forum selection clause, where the New York…