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The Department of the Treasury Announces Increased Penalties Under Regulations for Alleged Civil Violations

USA - February 10 2017 The Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced on February 9 that it would be increasing the penalties it may…

Mollie D. Sitkowski

U.S. Elections Implications for International Business

USA - January 23 2017 The 2016 elections produced a seismic quake that hit Washington, D.C. with the surprise election of Donald Trump as president and the near…

Jodie A. Curtis, Kenneth K. Dort, Gerald T. Hathaway, Alfred W. Putnam, Jr., Kathleen M. Murphy, David N. Kay OBE, Robert L. Stoll, David B. Sudzus

The Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Has Published General License Eliminating U.S. Sanctions against Sudan

Sudan, USA - January 17 2017 The Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Controls has published a general license in the Federal Register that essentially eliminates…

Mollie D. Sitkowski

President Authorizes Additional Sanctions on Russian Individuals and Entities

Russia, USA - January 6 2017 President Obama authorized additional sanctions in response to the Russian Government’s harassment of U.S. officials and alleged cyber operations…

Mollie D. Sitkowski

Trade Compliance Year-End Housekeeping Checklist

USA - December 21 2016 While we watch the final days of the calendar slide past, we thought it worthwhile to provide some trade compliance housekeeping suggestions that may…

Douglas J. Heffner, Kathleen M. Murphy, James L. Sawyer