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The fired employee’s non-compete agreement

USA - December 20 2011 So you have fired an employee, and he (and perhaps his new employer) assume that he is now freed from the non-competition provision in his employment agreement.

Mark E. Furlane

Ten considerations in drafting executive employment agreements

USA - March 24 2014 Perhaps your company has just acquired a new business and wants to put that entity's employees under a more structured employment arrangement. Or…

Restrictive IRS guidance for 457(f) plans likely to be issued in 2011

USA - May 20 2011 After a lengthy period of silence, it appears that the IRS is getting ready to issue the longanticipated regulations governing Internal Revenue Code (Code) Section 457(f) plans.

Joshua J. Waldbeser

Delaware Chancery Court Declines to Blue-Pencil Overly Broad Noncompete Agreement; Casts Doubt on Choice of Law Provisions

USA - May 4 2020 A recent Delaware Chancery Court opinion has elucidated Delaware’s approach to judicially modifying, or “blue-penciling,” overly broad noncompete…

Brooke Razor

Top restrictive covenant agreement considerations for employers

USA - October 14 2011 This article continues our discussion from the last newsletter of important considerations on which companies should focus to create an enforceable array of competitive advantage protections.

Mark E. Furlane