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The Presumption of Regularity in Prescription Drug Cases

USA - February 12 2019 In products liability cases involving prescription medicines, defendants sometimes rely on a preemption defense that FDA would not have approved - or…

Anna Yeung

“Deposition Distancing”: Practical Considerations for Taking Remote Depositions

USA - May 29 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep many lawyers, clients and witnesses at home. As we discussed in a previous post, many courts are encouraging…

Adrienne Franco Busby, Kaitlyn E. Stone, Joseph Tanner

Deposition Distancing? As Courts Urge Litigants to Continue Discovery with Remote Depositions, Litigants Must Consider Whether, and When, to Fight Them

USA - May 15 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has closed courthouses from coast to coast for all but essential proceedings. Most civil trials and hearings are on hold. Some…

Kaitlyn E. Stone, Ron J. Tanner

“Deposition Distancing”: Practical Considerations for Defending Remote Depositions

USA - June 3 2020 Lawyers continue to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we discussed in a previous post, for litigators this may involve participating in remote…

Adrienne Franco Busby, Kaitlyn E. Stone, Joseph Tanner

Final Drug Pricing DTC Advertising Rule to Take Effect July 9 - But Faces Challenges from Pharmaceutical Companies

USA - June 27 2019 On May 10, 2019, CMS issued the final rule, which is similar to the proposed version and includes a template for price disclosure: “The list price…

Caitlin V. McHugh