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Franchisor Best Practices for COVID-19

USA - March 19 2020 With COVID-19 changing everything we do in our personal and business lives, franchisors are faced with all the same challenges as other businesses…

Kerry L. Bundy, Lucie Guyot, Heather Carson Perkins, Nick R. Rotchadl, Brian B. Schnell, Stacey L. Smiricky

A New York Federal Court Takes A Novel Approach To Discretionary Employment Decisions In Partially Certifying A Financial Industry Gender Discrimination Class Action

USA - April 6 2018 On March 30, 2018, Judge Analisa Torres of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York partially certified a class in Chen-Oster v…

Philippe A. Lebel

Federal Court Dramatically Reduces Attorney-Fee Award to Plaintiffs in FLSA Collective Action Against Chipotle

USA - February 6 2018 The United States District Court for the District of Minnesota has dramatically cut an attorney-fee request in a wage-and-hour collective action…

Ramon A. Miyar

Florida Federal Court Rules That Winn-Dixie’s Website Violated the ADA

USA - July 10 2017 Retailers throughout the country have been besieged by lawsuits and demand letters alleging that their websites are not accessible to the visually…

Thomas J. Barton, Matthew J. Fedor, Kate S. Gold

The Unanswered Question: Do “Call-In” Schedules Trigger California Reporting Time Pay Obligations?

USA - June 26 2017 On June 8, 2017, plaintiffs Mayra Casas and Julio Fernandez (“Plaintiffs”) filed an unopposed motion seeking approval of a $12 million settlement…

Philippe A. Lebel, Irene M. Rizzi