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All in the Corporate Family: Attorney-Client Privilege Applies Between Parent and Subsidiaries

USA - February 3 2020 The District of New Jersey confirmed that members of a corporate family all are represented by the same in-house counsel, whether that counsel…

Michael C. Zogby

Leading the Crowd: An Analysis of the First 50 Crowdfunding Offerings

USA - July 12 2016 The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is now accepting Form C filings from private companies seeking to sell securities through registered…

Robert T. Esposito, Marc A. Leaf

The Ethics of Social Media “Friendship”

USA - August 21 2020 Social media information that reflects a person’s physical condition, activity level, and emotional state is a particularly valuable source of…

Adam M. Masin

The Key to a Trade Secret Is Secrecy: Third Circuit Agrees Ownership Is Sufficient but Not Necessary to Maintain a Trade Secret Misappropriation Claim

USA - June 18 2020 In a case telling a “sorry story of disloyalty and deception piled upon deception,” the Third Circuit has held that licensees, not only owners, have…

Michael C. Zogby

FDA’s Final Guidance on “Least Burdensome” Principles for Medical Devices

USA - May 10 2019 The U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Least Burdensome Provisions: Concept and Principles: Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug…

Michael C. Zogby