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The Ethics of Social Media “Friendship”

USA - August 21 2020 Social media information that reflects a person’s physical condition, activity level, and emotional state is a particularly valuable source of…

Adam M. Masin

The Key to a Trade Secret Is Secrecy: Third Circuit Agrees Ownership Is Sufficient but Not Necessary to Maintain a Trade Secret Misappropriation Claim

USA - June 18 2020 In a case telling a “sorry story of disloyalty and deception piled upon deception,” the Third Circuit has held that licensees, not only owners, have…

Michael C. Zogby

Whether Asbestos-Containing Components Were Manufactured by Third Parties No Longer Matters in New Jersey

USA - June 12 2020 Aligning with neighboring New York, and clearing up conflict within the Appellate Division, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled equipment manufacturers…

Daniel B. Carroll, Jack Frost

Vermont Federal Court Orders Ben & Jerry’s “Happy Cows” Lawsuit Out to Pasture

USA - May 18 2020 A Vermont federal court dismissed a lawsuit alleging consumer fraud, breach of warranty, and unjust enrichment against Ben & Jerry’s because…

Kaitlyn E. Stone

Rejection of Improper “Attorneys’ Eyes Only” Disclosure Process Relating to Attorney-Client Privilege Challenges

USA - April 28 2020 The attorney-client privilege is one of “the most revered” privileges established to protect certain communications. The Pennsylvania Superior Court…

Heather C. Giordanella, Michael C. Zogby