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Unenforceable restraints— Can post-employment restrictions hold up?

Australia - May 9 2017 In a high-profile dispute involving two multinational organisations, the Victorian Court of Appeal has confirmed that post- employment restraint of…

Kaitlyn Gulle

The “inherent requirements defence” under anti-discrimination legislation and the Fair Work Act: A checklist for employers

Australia - December 1 2017 This article focuses on learnings from a recent decision of the Federal Court of Australia, where the Court held that a decision-maker’s genuinely…

Kaitlyn Gulle, Julian Riekert

Sexual behaviour not protected by Sex Discrimination Act

Australia - May 14 2015 A recent decision of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia has found that sexual behaviour is not protected by the prohibition of discrimination on…

William Spargo

Court finds that teacher sacked after being charged with child sex abuse can make an unfair dismissal claim - Mahony v White

Australia - December 8 2016 During a recent appeal, a Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia reviewed two separate and conflicting decisions of a Full Bench of the Fair…

Kaitlyn Gulle, Patrizia Mercuri

No real relaxation of the rules surrounding notices of employee representational rights

Australia - November 24 2015 A Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission has held that certain errors in notices of employee representational rights (NERR) may be overlooked…

Kaitlyn Gulle