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Lander & Rogers

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Q1 | 2019

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Preventing sexual misconduct in the workplace

Australia - July 3 2021 Sexual misconduct in the workplace continues to be extremely topical and reported widely by the Australian media. Following, among other things, the…

Emma Lutwyche

Legal experts offer a quick guide to standing down employees due to COVID-19

Australia - March 30 2020 The rapidly evolving nature of COVID-19 and accompanying challenges has greatly renewed focus on the power to stand down employees. Employers such as…

Victoria Cook

An HR guide to the 2020 annualised wage changes

Australia - March 2 2020 The concept of annualised wages under modern awards and their impact on existing employment arrangements has left many HR practitioners bewildered…

Wage Theft, Time Recording, Award Coverage and 10 years imprisonment

Australia - March 2 2020 Imagine paying your employee $100K thinking that you are paying at least $40K over the amount they would have received under the award (keeping in…

When disaster strikes: managing employees in the event of a natural disaster

Australia - November 11 2019 The current fires in New South Wales and Queensland are a timely reminder for employers to review their business arrangements for responding to such…

Kaitlyn Gulle, Cameron Hannebery