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OSHA’s COVID-19 Emergency Standard for Healthcare Employers

USA - June 17 2021 OSHA has issued an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) for occupational exposure to COVID-19 that is applicable only to healthcare employers. The…

Christopher L. Nickels

“Black Directors Health Equity Agenda Inc. Unite in Efforts to Diversify Leadership and Achieve Health Equity”

USA - February 24 2021 In a year with so much significant news, the formal establishment of the nonprofit Black Directors Health Equity Agenda, Incorporated “BDHEA” has…

John W. Daniels

“America’s Vaccine Rollout is Already Leaving People of Color Behind. Healthcare Providers Need to Make a Serious Effort to Change This.”

USA - January 24 2021 America is a country that continues to confront a long history of health problems tied to centuries of racism — and our willingness to take health…

John W. Daniels

The Laws, They Are A-Changin: Indiana Health Care-Related Laws Update, July 2020

USA - July 21 2020 Many new Indiana health care-related laws were finalized after a busy legislative session was cut short in response to the coronavirus pandemic…

Hunter G. DeKoninck, Edward L. Holloran, III, Cory J. Kopitzke, Katea M. Ravega, Ryan L. Torres

Oregon Publishes Final Rule Requiring Pharmacies to Provide Prescription Label Readers

USA - July 1 2020 Continuing the national trend of increased focus on accessibility in health care, the Oregon Board of Pharmacy recently published 855-041-1131 (Rule)…

Katea M. Ravega