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Caution: Counterfeits on the Rise During Coronavirus Outbreak

China, USA - March 10 2020 The coronavirus outbreak has severely slowed the global economy. Reduced workforces and restricted movement of trade have left a country typically…

Lori S. Meddings

New Rule Requires Licensed U.S. Attorney for Non-U.S. Trademark Transactions and Proceedings

China, USA - July 18 2019 From August 3, 2019, all non-U.S. applicants, registrants and parties to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) opposition or Cancellation…

Lori S. Meddings


China, USA - July 18 2019 自2019年8月3日起,所有非美籍商标申请人、注册人、向商标审判和上诉委员会(TTAB)提交的撤销和无效程序中的当事人均应聘请美国执业律师作为代理人。届时,美国专利商标局(USPTO)及商标审判和上诉委员会将停止接受非美籍的商标申请人、注册人、商标审判和上诉委员会诉讼当事人进行自己(Pro Se)…

Lori S. Meddings

China Amends Trademark Law to Curb Trademark Squatting

China - April 25 2019 On Tuesday, April 23, China's legislature approved several amendments to the current Trademark Law in an attempt to curb bad faith trademark filings…

Lori S. Meddings

Prevent IP Risks When Terminating Suppliers during U.S.-China Trade War

China, USA - September 18 2018 Yesterday the U.S. Government issued the final list of products coming into the U.S. from China on which the U.S. is going to impose significant…

Lori S. Meddings