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Brexit’s Impact on European Design Registrations

European Union, United Kingdom - January 4 2021 The United Kingdom (UK) officially withdrew from the European Union (EU) in early 2020, which commenced a transitional period that expired on…

James J. Aquilina

U.S. Design Patent Enablement and Definiteness Requirements in view of In re: Maatita

USA - September 11 2018 The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit’s (Federal Circuit) recent decision in In re Maatita clarifies the figure requirements for design patent…

Justin D. DeAngelis, Nicholas P. Schmidbauer

Implications of Prosecution History Estoppel for Design Patents Clarified by CAFC

USA - August 15 2018 Over the last several years, the legal doctrine of “prosecution history estoppel” has been a hot topic for U.S. design patent practitioners, the…

Justin D. DeAngelis, Nicholas P. Schmidbauer

Design Patent Drafting Strategies in View of Apple v. Samsung

USA - May 31 2018 In a historic judgment, a jury in the Northern District of California awarded Apple, Inc. (Apple) $533,316,606 USD for infringement of three Apple…

Justin D. DeAngelis, Nicholas P. Schmidbauer

Online Marketplaces Beginning to Enforce Industrial Design Rights

USA - May 2 2018 With the continued growth of e-commerce platforms over the last decade, counterfeiting has dramatically increased and is estimated to account for more…

Laura S. Buchanan, Nicholas P. Schmidbauer