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Walking the Regulatory Tightrope: The Attorney-Client Privilege in an Intertwined World

USA - January 27 2023 Whether or not a client is involved in civil litigation, the target of a grand jury subpoena or some other request to produce documents, the…

Brett W. Johnson, John F. Lomax, Jr., Caitlin E. White

Check Your Privilege: The Arizona Supreme Court Clarifies The Scope And Application Of The Legislative Privilege In Fann V. Kemp

USA - December 1 2022 The ability to petition one’s leaders is long recognized regardless of the form of government. Ever since the Watergate Scandal, the United States has…

Brett W. Johnson

Strict But Not Too Strict: Arizona Supreme Court Weighs In On Standards Applicable To Initiative Petitions In Leibsohn V. Hobbs.

USA - November 30 2022 Arizona is one of the most progressive states when it comes to citizen led initiatives to create or change (and literally enshrine) laws. However, the…

Brett W. Johnson

Pitfalls of Internal Investigations: Supreme Court Appeal Highlights Perils of Reliance on Consulting Firms

USA - November 29 2022 With the ever-increasingly complex regulatory environment in the United States, ensuring corporate compliance is neither inexpensive nor easy. Given…

T. Troy Galan, Brett W. Johnson

Anti-SLAPP Happy? Arizona Court of Appeals Extends Anti-SLAPP Statute to Statements Made in Informal Community Meetings

USA - March 24 2022 Controversial and heated business dealings with or involving public entities are all too familiar: A developer or other business seeks to pursue a…

Brett W. Johnson