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Enhanced Export Regulatory Enforcement

USA - July 18 2022 In a continued theme of increased enforcement of export controls, the Bureau of Industry and Security (“BIS”) of the U.S. Department of Commerce…

T. Troy Galan

An Update on Russian Sanctions: The Ever-Changing Landscape Concerning “Categories of Services”

Russia, USA - May 13 2022 As the war continues in Ukraine, pressure from the European Union ("E.U.") and the United States ("U.S.") continue to mount on Russia's global…

Mary Colleen Fowler

Anti-SLAPP Happy? Arizona Court of Appeals Extends Anti-SLAPP Statute to Statements Made in Informal Community Meetings

USA - March 24 2022 Controversial and heated business dealings with or involving public entities are all too familiar: A developer or other business seeks to pursue a…

Ryan P. Hogan

Global connection - The Russian-Ukraine conflict: Expanding export restrictions in the energy sector

Global, Russia, Ukraine, USA - March 9 2022 The Russian Federation's intensifying war efforts across Ukraine prompted the U.S. government to announce that it will implement a ban on Russian oil…

Mary Colleen Fowler

Global connection - Russian-Ukraine conflict: expanded export sanctions, preparing for more

European Union, Russia, Ukraine, USA - March 4 2022 The United States and the European Union announced new economic sanctions against Russia and Belarus due to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. It is…

Mary Colleen Fowler