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A Look at AIA § 3(n)(2): Part Two of a Two-Part Series on AIA § 3(n) Effective Filing Date Provisions

USA - September 24 2021 Interpreting the language of the America Invents Act (AIA) remains an exciting challenge. The effective date provisions of the AIA transition…

M. Paul Barker, Michele C. Bosch, Adriana L. Burgy, Thomas L. Irving, Amanda K. Murphy, Jill K. MacAlpine, Ph.D.

Bad Acts and Actors Never Die; They Simply Lose Their Appeal

USA - October 1 2021 Inequitable conduct not only wipes out the entire patent, but it may also spawn all kinds of other lawsuits, as discussed in the Energy Heating and…

Adriana L. Burgy, Thomas L. Irving, Kyu Yun Kim, Misook Kim, Sneha Nyshadham

Federal Circuit Disinfects PTAB’s Obviousness Finding for MRSA Inactivation Patent

USA - November 29 2021 The University of Strathclyde recently found relief at the Federal Circuit when a unanimous panel reversed the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s (“the…

Jordan Cowger†, Thomas L. Irving, Amanda K. Murphy, Emma N. Ng

Federal Circuit Crystallizes BMS’ Apixaban District Court Win

USA - September 27 2021 In BMS v. Sigmapharm Labs. LLC., --F.3d __ (Fed. Cir. Sept. 3, 2021) the Federal Circuit affirmed the district court decision holding the asserted…

Thomas L. Irving, Jill K. MacAlpine, Ph.D., Mark J. Feldstein, Ph.D., Paul W. Browning Ph.D., Melissa C. Santos, Ph.D.