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No Standing on Appeal from PTAB Where Appellant Cannot Prove Injury in Fact

USA - April 20 2021 In Apple Inc. v. Qualcomm Inc., No. 2020-1642 (Fed. Cir. Apr. 7, 2021), the Federal Circuit dismissed for lack of standing Apple’s appeal from a…

Elizabeth D. Ferrill, Esther H. Lim, Christina Ji-Hye Yang

Not So Sweet: Indicia of Nonobviousness Could Not Save Claims Directed to Sweetened Beverage Brewing Devices

USA - April 15 2021 In Red Diamond, Inc. v. Southern Visions, LLP, to overcome accusations of obviousness, the patent owner filed two motions to amend and offered…

Amanda K. Murphy

§ 314(d) Bar Does Not Defeat Federal Circuit’s Mandamus Jurisdiction

USA - March 29 2021 In Mylan Laboratories Ltd. v. Janssen Pharmaceutica, N.V., No. 2021-1071 (March 12, 2021), the Federal Circuit granted Janssen’s motion to dismiss…

Elizabeth D. Ferrill, Christina Ji-Hye Yang

Redemption of Loyalty Points Is a Patent-Ineligible Abstract Idea, Federal Circuit Holds

USA - February 26 2021 In cxLoyalty, Inc. v. Maritz Holdings Inc., Nos. 2020-1307, 1309 (February 8, 2021), the Federal Circuit found both original and substitute claims in…

Amanda K. Murphy

Spotlight on Upcoming Oral Arguments - March 2021

USA - February 26 2021 The following telephone arguments will be available to the public live. Access information will be available by 9 AM ET each day of argument at:…

Elizabeth D. Ferrill