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The Danger of Being Too “Fearlessly Independent” from Your Chinese Brand: New Balance Loses Appeal Under Doctrine of Foreign Equivalents in China

China, USA - April 1 2021 In February, The Higher People’s Court for Beijing rejected New Balance’s petition to cancel a third party’s registration of the Chinese mark 新百伦…

B. Brett Heavner, Celine (Lin) Ming

An Overview of The Latest Amendment to The Chinese Patent Law

China - March 5 2021 The Fourth Amendment to the Chinese Patent Law will become effective on June 1, 2021. The Patent Law of the People’s Republic of China, originally…

Celine (Lin) Ming, Ningling Wang, Alvin Xu

A Practical Guide to the Trademark Modernization Act of 2020

USA - February 16 2021 The TMA amends the Lanham Act in three key aspects. First, it institutes new tools to remove USPTO trademark filings that are based on inaccurate…

Margaret A. Esquenet, B. Brett Heavner

Federal Circuit Holds Trade Dress Applications Tangled Up by Utility Patent Filings

USA - February 2 2021 Trade dress often soars above the intellectual property landscape because it has the power to protect a distinctive product design for as long as the…

Margaret A. Esquenet, Elizabeth D. Ferrill

What We Do When Trademark Squatters Get Smarter in China

China, Hong Kong, USA - January 28 2021 China recently implemented amendments to its Trademark Law with the hope of curbing trademark squatters once and for all. These amendments include…

B. Brett Heavner