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Could Description Amendments Made During Prosecution at the European Patent Office Affect U.S. Litigation?

European Union, USA - November 30 2021 Earlier this year, the European Patent Office (EPO) updated some of its Guidelines for Examination in a way that potentially could affect U.S. patent…

Maeve O’Flynn

“Consisting of”: Claim Language in the Fight Against Climate Change

USA - April 15 2022 Climate change has made companies consider the impact their businesses have on the environment. To help counteract the effects of transit…

Adriana L. Burgy, Thomas L. Irving, Stacy Lewis, Amanda K. Murphy, Caitlin E. O’Connell

Top Five Things Cosmetic Companies Need to Know When Adopting AI/AR Tech

USA - October 11 2021 Remember when you had to elbow your way through throngs of teenagers with overdrawn eyeliner to find your favorite makeup at your local store? Those…

Elizabeth D. Ferrill

When Is a Broken Record Not a Broken Record?

USA - July 11 2019 Indivior UK Limited (“Patent Owner”) owns U.S. Patent No. 9,687,454 B2 (“the ’454 patent”). The ’454 patent relates to “self-supporting film dosage…

Michele C. Bosch, Adriana L. Burgy, Thomas L. Irving, Stacy Lewis, Sara A. Leiman, Ph.D.

Part II: The Current State of Precedential Opinions and Denials of Institution at the USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board - Advanced Bionics and Section 325(d) Discretionary Denials

USA - September 8 2021 The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (Board) has the discretion to deny instituting petitions in AIA post-grant proceedings. And the USPTO has issued…

Thomas L. Irving, Stacy Lewis