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USPTO Refusal to Accept Requests for Director Review of Institution Decisions Not an Appointments Clause Violation

USA - August 31 2022 In the most recent Federal Circuit decision addressing the topic of USPTO Director Review, the Federal Circuit held that the Director’s “delegation…

Amanda K. Murphy, Shannon M. Patrick

Fintiv Factors 2 and 4 Save Petitioner’s Request for Rehearing

USA - December 17 2021 In SharkNinja Operating LLC v. iRobot Corp., No. IPR2021-00544, Paper 13 (PTAB Nov. 17, 2021), the PTAB granted the Petitioner’s Request for…

Amanda K. Murphy, Shannon M. Patrick

A Letter in Response to a Request for Quotation Constitutes an Offer for Sale

USA - February 22 2022 In Junker v. Medical Components, Inc., No. 2021-1649 (Fed. Cir. Feb. 10, 2022), the Federal Circuit reversed the district court’s summary judgment of…

Elizabeth D. Ferrill, Christina Ji-Hye Yang

Two PTAB Decisions Applying Fintiv Factors Designated Informative

USA - July 16 2020 The PTAB has discretion to deny inter partes review under 35 U.S.C. § 314(a). In a now-precedential decision—Apple Inc. v. Fintiv, Inc…

Amanda K. Murphy