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Should a PHOSITA Be Defined by the Specification or by the Claims?

USA - June 7 2022 An inventor cannot obtain a patent for an invention that is obvious to a “person having ordinary skill in the art” (“PHOSITA”) but courts continue to…

Amanda K. Murphy, E. Robert Yoches

Coffee “or” Tea? Is That Coffee or Tea, but Not Both? Or Possibly Both?

USA - July 30 2021 A patent drafter’s word choice, even as trivial as words like “or,” may have a significant impact on how a claim is construed. Is “or” inclusive or…

Adriana L. Burgy, Thomas L. Irving, Stacy Lewis

4th Circuit Finds Jurisdiction Over Foreign Website Operator Who Never Worked in or Visited the United States

USA - October 6 2020 The internet connects the globe and makes it easy to share information across the world. Yet its borderless nature presents difficult questions for U…

Margaret A. Esquenet