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Irish UPC Referendum

European Union, Ireland, United Kingdom, USA - July 6 2022 The Irish government has recently announced its intention to hold a referendum in 2023 or 2024 on Ireland’s participation in the UPC. Although there…

Judy McCullagh

The Do’s and Don’ts of Videoconference Oral Proceedings

European Union, USA - April 19 2021 As many will be aware, there is a challenge to the legality of videoconference Oral Proceedings pending at the EPO’s Enlarged Board of Appeal (G…

Maeve O’Flynn

Watch Your Language: The Perils of Patent Profanity - Consideration of Both the U.S. and Europe

European Union, USA - March 5 2021 Word choice can make or break a U.S. patent. This is especially true with regard to the specification and the language used during prosecution of a…

Thomas L. Irving, Stacy Lewis, Amanda K. Murphy, Melissa C. Santos, Ph.D.

Subject-Matter Eligibility at the EPO: Life Sciences

European Union, USA - January 25 2021 Subject-matter eligibility at the USPTO for life sciences inventions can be a minefield, and in recent years, numerous articles and webinars have…

Maeve O’Flynn

Balancing Cost and Enforcement

USA - January 11 2021 Most patent applications are filed with a view of eventually obtaining protection in multiple jurisdictions. However, differences in patent systems…

Thomas L. Irving, Kyu Yun Kim, Stacy Lewis, Amanda K. Murphy, Maeve O’Flynn, Ningling Wang