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Particularity in Petitions Produces Positive Post-Grant Review Proceedings

USA - May 24 2021 In a post-grant review (PGR), the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“the Board”) reviews the patentability of one or more patent claims on any ground…

Thomas L. Irving, Stacy Lewis, Melissa C. Santos, Ph.D.

Skinny Label Does Not Prevent Finding of Induced Infringement

USA - October 8 2020 In GlaxoSmithKline LLC v. Teva Pharms. USA, Inc., Nos. 2018-1976, 2018-2023 (Fed. Cir. Oct. 2, 2020), the Federal Circuit reversed the district…

Elizabeth D. Ferrill, Richard Hildreth III, Caitlin E. O’Connell

Recent Developments in Patent Law: Non-Obviousness of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Patents

USA - August 26 2020 Join a discussion on recent developments in patent law, particularly the non-obviousness of chemical and pharmaceutical patents. During the…

Matthew J. Hlinka

Proposed Revisions to Form 3542 with Explanations

USA - July 8 2020 In 1978, the FDA Commissioner announced the FDA’s intent to provide a list of all prescription drug products approved by the FDA for safety and…

Michele C. Bosch, Thomas L. Irving, Stacy Lewis, Jill K. MacAlpine, Ph.D.

Red Diamond, Inc. v. Southern Visions LLP, PGR2019-00045: Window into How the PTAB’s Pilot Program Concerning Motion to Amend Practice Operates

USA - May 4 2020 On April 19, 2019, Red Diamond requested post-grant review (“PGR”) of claims 13, 18, and 19 of U.S. Patent No. 10,071,852, directed to beverage…

M. Paul Barker, Adriana L. Burgy, Thomas L. Irving, Stacy Lewis, Jill K. MacAlpine, Ph.D., Ningling Wang