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Autonomous Vehicle Players are Doubling Down on Patents

USA - March 27 2019 The autonomous vehicle (AV) industry is poised for rapid growth. Automated vehicles promise to revolutionize many aspects of human life—from daily…

Darren M. Jiron

Claim Construction

USA - December 30 2018 Our claim construction statistics track the bases of claim construction decisions in PTAB final written decisions on the merits. These statistics do…

Elliot C. Cook, Kai Rajan

Introducing PTAB statistics: unique insights into claim disposition and construction in final written decisions

USA - October 31 2014 With over 2,000 petitions filed since AIA trials became available, filings have exceeded even the USPTO's ambitious projections. As of October 6…

Elliot C. Cook, Daniel F. Klodowski, Kai Rajan

Chief Judge Gilstrap of the Eastern District of Texas denies IV’s post-trial motions, reaffirming FedEx’s trial win

USA - April 8 2019 Dealing another blow to Intellectual Ventures (IV) and its attempt to extract more than $100M from Finnegan’s long-standing client FedEx Corp. for…

Jeffrey A. Berkowitz, Alexander M. Boyer, Elliot C. Cook, Gerald F. Ivey, J. Derek McCorquindale, Bradford C. Schulz, Kara A. Specht, Michael V. Young Sr, Daniel C. Tucker

Patent eligibility in the wake of Alice: Ultramercial III

USA - December 4 2014 The Federal Circuit recently issued its highly anticipated decision in Ultramercial, Inc. v. Hulu, LLC, No. 2010-1544 (Fed. Cir. Nov. 14, 2014)…

Jeffrey A. Berkowitz