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“YOUR BRAND IS IN DANGER!”: Responding to Domain Name Email Scams

Global, USA - August 18 2020 Email scams have circulated almost as long as email has been publicly available. A common one faced by brand owners involve a company, typically…

Margaret A. Esquenet

Panelist Utters AVADA KEDAVRA! Curse, Killing UDRP Claim Based on DUMBLEDORE Marks

Global, USA - May 4 2020 A recent UDRP decision illustrates the unpredictability of UDRP claims where a complainant’s asserted trademark has any generic or descriptive…

Margaret A. Esquenet

Trademark Registration Insufficient to Overcome Good Faith and Limited Geographic Use in UDRP Action

Global, USA - February 20 2020 A recent UDRP decision demonstrates that a variety of factors can make success uncertain where a brand owner’s asserted mark has arguably descriptive…

Margaret A. Esquenet

Tenuous Common-Law Trademark Rights Inadequate to Sustain UDRP Complaint

Global, USA - December 4 2019 Complainant was a California-based company that filed for a U.S. federal trademark application for BLENDID, covering automated food and beverage…

Margaret A. Esquenet

Do-Over for Bad-Faith Domain Registration Triggered by Re-Registration

USA - November 5 2019 A recent Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (“ACPA”) case in the Southern District of Alabama highlights the importance of a domain name’s…

Margaret A. Esquenet