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Separate No More: Fintech Leaders Consider Collaboration Key to Convergence

USA - October 2 2017 The last decade has seen ever-increasing acceleration in convergence between the computing, communications and content industries, which all affect…

Elliot C. Cook, Michael V. Young Sr

Maglula Beats Amazon in Counterfeit Claims

USA - December 29 2021 In a David versus Goliath-like case, Israel-based Maglula achieved something no other company has: a court ruling that its case against Amazon was a…

David K. Mroz

Successful Companies Don’t Just Patent Everything—They Make and Follow a Strategy

USA - October 8 2018 Sophisticated companies know that patents are indispensable in the modern economy. Patents are barriers against competitors practicing a particular…

Elliot C. Cook

Cyber Patent Wars Are on the Horizon

USA - January 28 2019 The nature of patent litigation in the cybersecurity industry is likely to change very soon. Non-practicing entities, sometimes called “patent trolls…

Elliot C. Cook

Five considerations before filing an IPR

USA - May 1 2013 The Basics: IPR is short for inter partes review. IPR is a new trial proceeding conducted by the USPTO's Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). A…

Adriana L. Burgy