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Cisco’s Appeal of $2.75B Award Raises Important Questions on Direct Infringement and Apportionment

USA - March 22 2022 When the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in early April hears arguments on the $2.75 billion judgment that Centripetal Networks won…

Elliot C. Cook, Matthew S. Johnson

Amazon Case Study: How to Hold Online Markets to Account on Fakes

USA - February 11 2022 In December 2021, a noteworthy counterfeiting case against Amazon came to an end. While the case settled before trial, the plaintiff Maglula…

Danny M. Awdeh, Sonja W. Sahlsten

Maglula Beats Amazon in Counterfeit Claims

USA - December 29 2021 In a David versus Goliath-like case, Israel-based Maglula achieved something no other company has: a court ruling that its case against Amazon was a…

David K. Mroz

U.S. Court Values Cybersecurity Patents at Nearly $2 Billion, but Why?

USA - October 23 2020 In a closely watched infringement case in which Centripetal Networks asserted cybersecurity patents against Cisco, a U.S. court in Virginia recently…

Elliot C. Cook

When History Fails to Repeat Itself: Past Success in Supplemental Examination Does Not Guarantee Future Results

USA - November 7 2019 The America Invents Act created supplemental examination as a new way for patentees to have the Patent Office consider, reconsider, and correct…

Erika Harmon Arner, Aliza G. Carrano, Robert M. Fernandes, Thomas L. Irving, Stacy Lewis, Joseph M. Schaffner