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You may be entitled to additional patent term: recent developments in U.S. patent term adjustment

USA - March 14 2013 The normally dry and arcane topic of patent term adjustment (PTA) has taken on new urgency and importance over the past several months as recent…

Personalized medicine patents at risk: tips for battling Prometheus and Myriad to obtain claims to diagnostics

USA - March 14 2013 Imagine a scenario where a pharmaceutical company discovers that a discarded drug candidate, perhaps initially dropped from the pipeline after…

IPR and PGR - they are not "American oppositions"

USA - March 18 2013 The America Invents Act (AIA) creates two new methods for third parties to challenge issued patents in the USPTO: inter partes review (IPR) and…

Erika Harmon Arner, Elizabeth A. Doherty Ph.D.

It took Myriad years to juxtapose forethought with ingenuity and link BRCA mutations to breast cancer: will it take another Myriad to settle rights?

USA - September 12 2012 In ancient Greek mythology, Prometheus, the "Forethinker," protector and benefactor of humankind, inherits foresight from his mother and ingenuity from his father.

March madness: preparing for the U.S. transition to a first-inventor-to-file system

USA - December 12 2012 The Leahy-Smith American Invents Act (AIA) represents the most significant amendment to U.S. patent laws since 1952.

Elizabeth A. Doherty Ph.D.