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Key Insights from the PTAB’s Updated Orange Book and Biologic Patent Study

USA - August 30 2021 “Institution rates for Orange Book patents and biologic patents are slightly lower than overall institution rates, with biologic patents faring…

Kassandra M. Officer, Jill K. MacAlpine, Ph.D.

Will the Real Inventor(s) Please Stand Up

USA - June 4 2021 In Bio-Rad Labs., Inc. v. ITC, a Federal Circuit panel affirmed the U.S. International Trade Commission’s (ITC) finding that Bio-Rad infringed…

Thomas L. Irving

Recent Developments in Patent Law: Non-Obviousness of Pharmaceutical Formulations

USA - August 29 2019 The development of pharmaceutical products is often expensive and unpredictable. Researchers investing the time and resources to develop a novel and…

Justin J. Hasford, Matthew J. Hlinka

Expert Opinions on Reasonable Royalties Must Have a Basis for Comparison to Licenses on Which They Rely and Tie Them to the Facts of the Case

USA - February 27 2019 A Delaware court refused to consider expert opinions on a reasonable royalty for patent infringement that relied on licenses that were not…

D. Brian Kacedon, John C. Paul, Cecilia Sanabria

Supreme Court Restricts Where Patent Owners May Sue for Patent Infringement

USA - May 30 2017 The United States Supreme Court recently restricted where patent owners may file suits for patent infringement against domestic corporations…

D. Brian Kacedon, John C. Paul