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The US-UK Data Access Agreement: A new dawn for transatlantic criminal investigations?

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - May 1 2020 In June 2019 we wrote about the Crime (Overseas Production Orders) Act 2019 (COPOA), an unheralded piece of legislation that created a framework for…

Andrew D. Goldstein, Daniel Grooms, Marie Kavanagh, Oliver McGlashan, Sascha Grimm, Tom Epps.

Remaining Vigilant to Compliance and Enforcement Concerns in Times of Crisis

United Kingdom - March 20 2020 In times of increased financial stress—and particularly during times of financial shock where expectations and reality diverge significantly and…

Andrew D. Goldstein, Daniel Grooms, James Maton, John H. Hemann, Michael McMohan, Tom Epps.

US Supreme Court: Fourth Amendment Applies to Cellphone Tracking

USA - June 25 2018 In a landmark Fourth Amendment decision in Carpenter v. United States, delivered on June 22, the Supreme Court addressed the intersection of privacy…

Kevin Mead, Laura Grossfield Birger.

Supreme Court Limits Criminal Tax Obstruction Statute

USA - March 23 2018 On March 21, 2018, the Supreme Court sharply curtailed the scope of conduct subject to prosecution under the criminal obstruction provision of the…

Kathleen Pakenham, Laura Grossfield Birger, Michael Berkovits.

Supreme Court Reins in Criminal Asset Forfeiture Actions

USA - June 7 2017 On Monday, June 5, 2017, the US Supreme Court significantly curtailed the government's power to seize assets from co-conspirators in a criminal…

Jonathan Bach, Michael Attanasio, Michael Berkovits.