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What to expect from new EU rules on sustainable products due 30 March 2022

European Union - March 8 2022 The European Commission is scheduled to publish its Sustainable Products Initiative on 30 March 2022. The proposal, originally slated for last year…

Edward Turtle

Productwise 3-2-1

USA - December 23 2021 Here’s the next edition of our monthly bite-sized digest, Productwise 3-2-1 where each month, we bring to the top of your…

Matt Howsare, Shawn N. Skolky, Claire Temple

Shaking up product liability in the EU: it’s consultation time for the PLD

European Union - November 25 2021 The European Commission is moving forward with its plans to revise the Product Liability Directive (85/374/EEC) (the “PLD”) and national implementing…

Tania Buckthorp, Jamie Humphreys

Technology and Sustainability in the spotlight: European Commission adopts 2022 Work Programme

European Union - November 3 2021 The European Commission’s 2022 Work Programme contains 42 new policy initiatives, 26 initiatives for regulatory simplification, 76 pending priority…

Fergal Duggan

At a glance: the sources of product liability law in European Union

European Union - September 18 2021 A look at the sources of product liability law in European Union, including key statutes and theories of liability.

Julia Maskell, Rod Freeman, Carol Holley