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Websites as places of public accommodation: DOJ settlement may extend accessibility requirements to virtual space

USA - May 26 2015 Recent headlines around a high-profile settlement between the US Department of Justice and edX, Inc., one of the largest and earliest distributors of…

Mike B. Goldstein, Nadia S. Mozaffar, Paul Thompson

ED Releases Institutional Funding from CARES Act + Clarifies Student Grant Requirements

USA - April 22 2020 On April 21, the US Education Department announced the release of the remaining $6 billion of stimulus funding under the CARES Act’s Higher Education…

Mike B. Goldstein, Paul Thompson

Department of Education Defends Its Actions in GE Rule Lawsuit

USA - February 27 2018 The debate over the current and future Gainful Employment Rule continues in all three branches of the federal government: the administration, Congress…

Katherine Lee Carey, Jonathon C. Glass

Avoiding Common Legal Issues at Coding Schools (and Other Edtech Companies): Accessibility and the Americans with Disabilities Act

USA - May 4 2017 Given recent high-profile lawsuits and investigations by the federal Department of Justice (DOJ) and an increasing number of private lawsuits…

Mike B. Goldstein, Paul Thompson

ED Releases Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Grant Funding

USA - April 16 2020 On April 14, the Department of Education released another $3 billion under the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund component of the CARES Act…

Mike B. Goldstein, Paul Thompson