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US Supreme Court Upholds FCC’s Modernized Television Station Ownership Rules, Affirming Cooley Amicus Briefs

USA - April 30 2021 Washington, DC - April 30, 2021 - The US Supreme Court ruled on April 1 that the Federal Communications Commission was within its authority to repeal…

Jason Rademacher, Barrett J. Aanderson, Robert M. McDowell, David E. Mills.

FCC Makes it Easier for Broadcasters and Cable Operators to Rehire Laid Off Employees

USA - May 6 2020 The Federal Communications Commission has released an order making it easier for broadcasters and cable operators to rehire employees laid off as a…

Jason Rademacher, Emily Harrison, Michael D. Basile, Christina Burrow, J.G. Harrington, Henry Wendel.

Forecast for Trump FCC: Deregulation with Chance of Media Concentration Review

USA - November 28 2016 The election of Donald Trump continues to raise questions about the potential direction of regulatory policies under his administration. While much of…

Michael D. Basile, J.G. Harrington, Robert M. McDowell.

DC Circuit Upholds FCC's Network Neutrality Rules

USA - June 14 2016 This morning, a 2-1 majority of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit issued a decision upholding the 2015 Open…

J.G. Harrington, Michael Pryor, David J. Wittenstein.

No big surprises: the FCC releases its network neutrality order

USA - March 12 2015 Today, the FCC released its 400-page report (including 80 pages of dissents from the two Republican commissioners) in the network neutrality…

Christina Burrow, J.G. Harrington, Michael Pryor, David J. Wittenstein.