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Civil claims for bribery: an overview of the English and common law position

United Kingdom - April 13 2015 Take a simple bribery scenario. A foreign Government Minister is the key decision-maker for the award of a contract to build and operate…

James Maton

Regulating AI: EU proposes legal framework for Artificial Intelligence

European Union - October 28 2020 The EU has published proposals on the regulation of artificial intelligence, which look to ensure a balance is struck between protecting consumers…

Edward Turtle

What US lawyers should know about taking a deposition in England and Wales

United Kingdom, USA - May 14 2015 Agreement or subpoena. Attorneys seeking to depose witnesses in England & Wales and/or obtain production of documents can either do so (1)…

Laurence Harris

Privy Council clarifies when innocent third parties are liable to victims of fraud

United Kingdom - April 28 2015 To what extent must a bank make inquiries as to the commercial purpose of a transaction, particularly a transaction involving an offshore structure…

James Maton

What states should know about proprietary claims to corrupt assets

United Kingdom - June 17 2015 A proprietary claim is a claim to own a specific asset or sum of money. It can be a free-standing claim or a remedy available if the state can…

Chimé Metok Dorjee