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US Supreme Court Upholds FCC’s Modernized Television Station Ownership Rules, Affirming Cooley Amicus Briefs

USA - April 30 2021 Washington, DC - April 30, 2021 - The US Supreme Court ruled on April 1 that the Federal Communications Commission was within its authority to repeal…

Barrett J. Aanderson, Jason Rademacher, John R. Feore, Robert M. McDowell.

AMG v. FTC: US Supreme Court Severely Limits FTC's Ability to Seek Monetary Relief

USA - March 29 2021 The US Supreme Court ruled last week that the Federal Trade Commission doesn’t have the authority to seek equitable monetary relief in federal court…

Charlie Wood, Dee Bansal, Howard Morse, Jacqueline Grise, Julianne Landsvik, Megan Browdie, Scott Dailard, Tanisha James, Tiana Demas, Travis LeBlanc.

Applicability of Force Majeure and Related Doctrines in Response to COVID-19

European Union, USA - March 17 2020 COVID-19 has begun to impact virtually every aspect of global commerce. Governments are imposing increasingly stringent restrictions to fight the…

Adam Ruttenberg, Caitlin B. Munley, David Houska, Georgina Inglis, Michelle Garcia Schulman, Nathaneil Cooper.

Supreme Court Eases Path to Protecting Confidential Information From FOIA Disclosure

USA - September 10 2019 The Supreme Court recently issued an opinion significantly reducing the showing companies must make to federal agencies to protect confidential…

Erin Estevez.

The College Admissions Scandal: Recognizing and Managing a Looming Risk

USA - March 15 2019 This week has subjected the college admissions process - already the subject of considerable debate - to unprecedented scrutiny. The nationwide…

Jay Vaughan, Travis LeBlanc, Vince Sampson.