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Edtech Platform held liable for hosting infringing content

India - October 4 2018 In a recent judgement, the Madras High Court held that: Platforms hosting user content and retaining control over the content, by exercising their…

Aparna Gaur, Aarushi Jain

India’s new regulations for online courses and programmes

India - September 18 2018 With the advent of technology and the easy access to the internet, online mode seems the natural way to ensure access to education to students across…

Aarushi Jain, Pooja Kapadia

Singapore International Commercial Court: resolving Indian disputes

India, Singapore - April 27 2015 Following on its vision to become the leading dispute resolution hub in the Asian region, the Parliament of Singapore passed three bills bringing in…

Ashish Kabra

UK Supreme Court rules on secret commission case

United Kingdom - September 22 2014 Secret commission accepted by an agent is held on trust for his principal; Benefit acquired by an agent arising out of his fiduciary position, or…

Alipak Banerjee, Payel Chatterjee

Streaming websites caught 'off-side' mid-way through the 2014 FIFA World Cup

India - June 30 2014 More than 472 streaming websites have been restrained from broadcasting football matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in India. The 'John Doe'…

Ranjana Adhikari, Aaron Kamath