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India’s Law on Workplace Sexual Harassment: Recent Judicial Interpretations

India - July 24 2018 The law on prevention of sexual harassment of women at workplace is nearing its 5th anniversary. And during the period, courts in India have already…

Archita Mohapatrs, Preetha S

India’s law on child labour proposed to be revamped

India - May 19 2015 Employing children (below 14 years) to be prohibited in all occupations and processes, with certain limited exceptions. Children to be allowed to…

Preetha S

Labour law compliances made easier in Bangalore

India - May 6 2015 Introduction of an online portal for ensuring compliance under the state-specific labour law in Bangalore / State of Karnataka. Mandatory…

Preetha S

India simplifies immigration norms for its overseas citizens

India - January 27 2015 Merger of Person of Indian Origin Scheme with the norms pertaining to Overseas Citizens of India All benefits applicable to OCIs will apply to PIO…

Ajay Singh Solanki

Employment termination in India - High Court injunction against IT sector employer

India - January 16 2015 The Madras High Court has restrained India's leading information technology ("IT") company from terminating the employment of a software analyst…

Veena Gopalakrishnan, Preetha S