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Gainesville First City in Florida to Pass Fair Chance Hiring Law Restricting Private Employers’ Use of Criminal History

USA - February 1 2023 The city of Gainesville has passed a Fair Chance Hiring law governing an employer’s use and consideration of a job applicant’s criminal history in…

Rod M. Fliegel, Chad Joseph Kaldor

Atlanta Amends Anti-Discrimination Ordinance to Include Protections for Gender Expression and Criminal Histories

Georgia - November 10 2022 The City Council of Atlanta, Georgia recently passed an ordinance that amends its existing anti-discrimination law to include protection on the basis…

Wendy Buckingham, Rachel P. Kaercher

Governor’s Veto Will Likely Result in Continued Delayed or Non-Performable Background Checks in California

USA - October 6 2022 A May 2021 court decision in California, All of Us or None v. Hamrick, caused significant background check delays in some California county courts…

Wendy Buckingham, Rod M. Fliegel

Eighth Circuit Holds Article III Standing Was Lacking for an Alleged Violation of the FCRA’s “Pre-Adverse Action” Notice Provision

USA - April 6 2022 On April 4, 2022, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit joined the Ninth Circuit in holding that a plaintiff lacked Article III standing…

Rod M. Fliegel

Ninth Circuit Holds TCPA Prohibits Pre-Recorded Recruiting Calls to Cell Phones Without Prior Express Consent

USA - August 13 2021 Staffing companies and employers using all tools at their disposal to recruit workers may face increased risk following the Ninth Circuit’s recent…

Zoe M. Argento, Garrick Y. Chan, Rod M. Fliegel, Julie A. Stockton